JESCO Expands MLX Multi-Linx LED System of High Performance Linkable Modular Pendant or Surface Mounted Fixtures

JESCO Expands MLX Multi-Linx LED System of High Performance Linkable Modular Pendant or Surface Mounted Fixtures


MLX Multi-Linx LED fixtures can be flush-or pendant-mounted to provide very low-energy, low-glare ambient lighting for wide-ranging interior spaces.  These include commercial, library, office, institutional, retail, supermarket, warehouse, and agricultural applications; wherever the need for high-performance lighting coincides with a need for integrated, creative architectural lighting design with substantial energy saving, long-operating life and low-maintenance.

MLX Multi-Linx LED fixtures can be used singly or an end-to-end or linked in a side-by-side configuration.  Linking six MLX units delivers up to 30,000 lumens with one universal voltage (120V-277V AC) input.

MLX Multi-Linx LED fixtures comprise of a powder coated white housing and a white opal lens or a clear lens for even greater light output.  A wide selection of accessories for different mounting and side stacking options are offered to provide continuous light and continuous runs.  The Multi-Linx is engineered to easily connect end-to-end providing a long continuous high-lumen run.

MLX fixtures are 2” wide by 1-3/4” high and are available in 2’, 4’ and 8’ lengths that can be suspended, surface- or wall-mounted.  There are no remote drivers to install or hide. Fixtures are dimmable with a standard TRI-AC dimmer and are DLC listed allowing for cost saving rebates.

MLX offers lit, plug-and-play connectors in X, Y, L, T and new 120° V orientations to allow for the greatest number of unique configurations that provide a continuous lumen output. The only design limitation is your imagination.

In addition to the 120 V lit connector, JESCO has added pre-wired top-feed cables for plug & play and hardwire applications; ceiling canopies either or without hardwire feed; and 100” MLX-SCK-2 cables that can be field-cut.

Long continuous runs, up to six MLX fixtures can be can be mounted side-by-side for even greater light output.  Emergency backup and occupancy dimming sensors are available as add-on accessories.

A special order, high-performance, agricultural grow light version has a time-tested optimized spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and plant growth as well as providing a broad spectrum that allows for accurate visual assessment of the crop. This truly unique industrial-grade plant growth production instrument fills the market need for high performance, high output, energy efficient, and competitively costed lighting that is lacking in the LED grow light market today.

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