Klein Tools’ Video Series Features Real-Life Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Klein Tools’ Video Series Features Real-Life Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Klein Tools, a sixth-generation, family-owned and family-run company is doing its part to help close America’s skills gap by generating awareness of the trades through real-life behind-the-scenes stories.

In an age where society devalues skilled and trade workers, Klein Tools is recognizing the tradesmen and women who transform America’s most iconic places and events into something exciting and magical. The Klein Tools “Tools that Power America’s Passion” video series goes behind the scenes to show the world the hard work and resources that go into creating unforgettable experiences, like rocking out to a favorite live band, cheering on a high school football team under the Friday night lights or watching the parade of lights on Bourbon Street! In the end, Klein Tools hopes that people will have a whole new appreciation for the people and tools that power America’s passions.

So far the video campaign has highlighted electricians working on a number of places and events, including: Mardi Gras, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing, and Electric Forest Music Festival.

Through promotion on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the videos have received nearly 58,000 views and reached more than 210,000 people. As Klein releases more videos, the campaign continues to grow and gain more attention. Beyond numerical results, the video campaign is connecting with viewers on an emotional level by showcasing unique work by their peers and showcasing how Klein Tools is the preferred brand driving these uniquely American events.

Still to come, Klein Tools will go behind the scenes to showcase professionals of: Summer Baseball; Sturgis, South Dakota; Friday Night Lights Football.

This is a great example of an impactful initiative that helps generate positive awareness of the trades as the country needs more skilled workers to fill these positions, and how a manufacturer is doing its part to curb the skills gap.

For more information, visit; www.kleintools.com.



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