KNIPEX Tools Introduces StepCut Cable Shears

KNIPEX Tools introduced its StepCut cable shears for solid, multi-core stranded copper and aluminum cables up to 1/0 AWG.

        The StepCut’s most unique feature is its cutting edge gradations that cut wires and strands one by one without crushing the cable. This process makes cutting up to 40 percent easier than standard cable shears of the same length. The StepCut features induction hardened cutting edges (approx. 56 HRC) and precision-ground blades for precise, clean cutting. The cutting edges are milled to a wavy form on the front and ground flat on the back.

        The StepCut comes in a compact 6 1/4″ length, and its bolted joint design provides precise and smooth cutting. Other features include a pinch guard that prevents the operator’s fingers from getting pinched and a body made from high-grade special tool steel that is forged and oil-hardened. The StepCut is available in three handle types: plastic coated (95 11 160), multi-component (95 12 160) and 1000V ASTM-tested insulated (95 18 160).

        “The StepCut’s technique of cutting one wire after another gives users precise cuts with noticeably less effort than standard cable shears,” said Peter A. Grable, product manager, KNIPEX Tools. “By applying just a little pressure, users can make clean, one-handed cuts that won’t squish or crush the cables.”

NOTE: The StepCut is not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors.    


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