Kris-Tech Wire Launches Next-Generation Total Tracer Wire Solution

Kris-Tech Wire is pleased to announce the launch of its Kris-Tech Total Tracer Wire Solution.

For contractors and utility workers, locating underground pipes and other assets is a critical safety issue affecting the gas, water, sewer and telecommunications markets. According to the US Department of Transportation, careless digging causes hundreds of thousands of incidents annually, often resulting in costly repairs, disruptions, injuries, or even fatalities.

Kris-Tech’s next-generation tracer wire solution provides everything contractors need to locate and protect underground utility assets. The comprehensive solution includes everything from copper and copper clad steel tracer wire to connectors, ground rods, and test stations. All components of the solution are proudly made in the USA.

“We’ve been an industry leader in tracer wire solutions for decades, and are excited to bring this complete system to market,” said Graham Brodock, President of Kris-Tech Wire. “We designed the Kris-Tech Total Tracer Wire Solution for durability and simplicity, and chose only best-in-class, US-made components for long-term reliability.”

            Founded in 1984, Kris-Tech provides a full range of wire solutions to the building, commercial, and utility industries. A family-owned business, Kris-Tech produces all of its products in the US at its Rome, New York headquarters. Visit

Kris-Tech Wire Launches Next-Generation Total Tracer Wire Solution

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