L.A. Lighting is Open for Business

L.A. Lighting is Open for Business

During this crucial time and social distancing, LA Lighting wants to take a moment to thank everyone; thank you to all our dedicated employees, and thank you to our devoted customers who are working extremely hard during this crucial time. Millions are still working every day, including hospitals, government offices, construction workers, and so many more. 

We at LA Lighting are fortunate to have our industry classified as essential. We are practicing social distancing here at the factory, including a staff dedicated to sanitizing commonly touched surfaces throughout the facility. 

LA Lighting remains fully operational, manufacturing fixtures to order, and supporting customers without interruption. Our entire customer service team is available via either through phone or email for quote request, order processing, and follow-ups. 

Adapting to these challenging times while remaining focused on protecting the health of our employees and navigating a drastically changing work environment is our number one focus. We are distributing hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and soap throughout our facilities, as well as staggering break times and enforcing social distancing with everyone at the factory. 

L.A. Lighting can be reached at: www.lalighting.com.

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