LaMar Introduces Tri-Level LED Automatic Luminaire

LaMar Introduces Tri-Level LED Automatic Luminaire



LaMar Lighting has introduced Sensa, its new series of round occu-smart® fixtures. To fit the broadest range of applications, it features field adjustable correlated color temperature (CCT) to 2700K, 3300K or 4000K and offers two levels of illumination, enhancing energy savings over traditional bi-level fixtures.

The new Sensa fixture features high-frequency sensing capabilities that can be field adjustable to provide full light for occupied areas, low light for unoccupied areas, or the option to switch off after a pre-set period of time or when ambient lighting conditions are sufficient, utilizing the built-in daylight sensor.

Featuring contemporary styling with brushed nickel accent rings and a contoured, high-transmission diffuser, the low-profile indoor fixture features a new LED driver with fully integrated motion and ambient light sensing capabilities. As an available option, the unit may be programmed so that when an area is sufficiently lighted by ambient sources the Sensa unit can turn itself off completely.  When the ambient lighting falls below a pre-set level the Sensa can automatically go into standby lighting mode, providing energy-saving low-level lighting until motion is detected, at which point full lighting is engaged. The fixture returns to low-level lighting after a predetermined amount of time has passed with no motion, and when well-lighted ambient conditions return, the unit can again turn off.

“This unique product literally takes typical occupancy lighting to a new level,” said LaMar Lighting CEO Jeff Goldstein, “and its field adjustability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.” Low-light levels may be set to 10%, 20%, 30% or 50% of full power. Hold-times may be set to 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 3 minutes or 10 minutes, and the ambient light hold-off function may be set to 2, 10 or 50 lux.

The round fixture features an outside diameter of 18 inches and the distance from the unit base to the crown of the diffuser is 4.75 inches. An emergency battery backup is available, the product UL-listed and IBEW union-made, universal voltage of 120-277V is standard, and all electrical components carry a five-year warranty.

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