LCD – L.A. Lighting Custom Design

LCD – L.A. Lighting Custom Design

Over 30 years ago, 90% of the lighting fixtures being sold in the US were manufactured state side. Today, there are more imported fixtures entering the US than ever before. Made in America has changed to Assembled in the U.S., and inexpensive, cookie cutter fixtures are now the norm. But for the last 30 years at LA Lighting, “Made in America” still means Made in America and producing quality fixtures with quality components is what they do best. 

As a truly Made in America lighting manufacturer, L.A. Lighting is committed to providing customers with the latest state of the art luminaries. The standard products shown in the catalog are easily identified and easy to specify to meet the requirements of lighting projects. 

On occasion, job conditions may require fixture design modifications or custom designs that are not normally offered for a particular fixture. Unlike others who import their fixtures, L.A. Lighting is able to modify any of their current products to meet the needs of the current project. Additionally, if needed, custom fixtures can be designed, developed, and delivered within a few weeks. 

To accomplish these types of modifications, L.A. Lighting assigns LCD (L.A. Lighting Custom Design) part numbers in order to differentiate and keep track of these luminaries. Any modification deviating from the standard catalog product might require the use of an LCD Number. 

The LCD part numbers bring attention to the fixture as having details or modifications that will require non-standard fabrication. The modifications may include additional knock-outs for specially located motion sensors, modifying the length or the width of the fixture, changing the type of materials used in production of the fixture, or adding extra rows of LED Boards. 

The advantage of using the LCD numbers is the elimination of Purchase Orders for “standard products” with notes stating all of the “additions” and “exceptions” that are required for the product being ordered, thus making it “non-standard”. 

The use of the LCD numbers allows L.A. Lighting to quote a project and identify the specifying agent (whether it is an End-User, Contractor, Distributor, or L.A. Lighting Sales Representative). L.A. Lighting will track the job and the product from the inception of the modification, through to the installation of the job. 

The use of LCD numbers has contributed to the success of L.A. Lighting throughout the last 30 years. By offering L.A. Lighting Custom Design fixtures, more than 50% of the products manufactured are modified or custom. The use of the LCD numbers is a key element in allowing L.A. Lighting to seamlessly mix both standard and modified products within the SAME production process. 

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