Legrand Introduces a Powerful Pair

Connectrac® Flex™ Raceway System and Wiremold® ModPower™ System for Powering Reconfigurable Commercial Spaces

As nimble, fast-to-reconfigure environments become our new normal, flexible power access has never been more important to how we work and utilize commercial spaces including workplaces, healthcare and education facilities.

Legrand has a solution — combining Connectrac® Flex™ Raceway System and Wiremold® ModPower™ System. The Connectrac® Flex™ Raceway System is a modular floor-based power and data distribution system that allows users to quickly add connectivity or change power locations. The Wiremold® ModPower™ modular system reimagines power and charging with the ability to connect up to six separate units. It can be installed under or on top of desks or tables. 

            Combine the two systems together by connecting ModPower units to the Flex interchangeable devices, and run power across the floor and up to desktops and tables. If the room needs to be reconfigured, no problem; simply unplug the ModPower Units and plug them back into the Flex interchangeable devices. Business leaders, educators and healthcare professionals can repeat this process as often as the space requires.

For more information, please visit: www.legrand.us/flex-modpower

Legrand Introduces a Powerful Pair

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