Legrand Unveils Time-Saving Branch Circuit Wiring Solution with New EZE-Fab Assemblies

Legrand Unveils Time-Saving Branch Circuit Wiring Solution with New EZE-Fab Assemblies


In keeping with its commitment to offer electrical contractors time- and labor-saving solutions, Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and network infrastructure solutions, unveils its latest offering: EZE-Fab Assemblies – prefabricated assemblies designed to make branch circuit wiring easier than ever. EZE-Fab Assemblies debuted at the 2018 National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Show.

“EZE-Fab Assemblies are designed to streamline and simplify the often time-consuming task of repetitive branch circuit wiring installations,” says Bob Crain, Director of Marketing/Product Development at Legrand. “Thanks to its smart design, EZE-Fab Assemblies allow for installers to move twice as fast when compared to traditional branch circuit wiring installations. This instantly gives contractors an edge, empowering them to complete rough-ins faster so they can move onto the next job sooner, or spend less time in their prefab shop.”

The smart design of EZE-Fab Assemblies eliminates the need for measuring and repetitive assembly work required of traditional installations. When paired with PlugTail® wiring devices, which installs up to five times faster than conventional wiring devices, it boasts even quicker installation. EZE-Fab Assemblies also increase jobsite safety by significantly reducing excess packaging on the jobsite.

EZE-Fab Assemblies are available in a variety of configurations: Pre-assembled 16- and 24- inch wall sliders; fixed depth floor brackets, provided in one or two openings; as well as one- opening wall brackets. The new assemblies complement Legrand’s existing line of Cablofil® fasteners and wall box mounting components.

To learn more about EZE-Fab Assemblies, visit legrand.us/eze-fab, and view this video, which highlights how EZE-Fab Assemblies and PlugTail Wiring Devices can together take productivity to the next level.



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