Legrand’s Outdoor Power Solutions

Whether you’re planning to return to work in the near future, or thinking through alternative WFH solutions– outdoor working is in high demand. To ensure a safe and comfortable work environment, there are a wide range of measures to help create outdoor workplaces. Introducing Legend’s Outdoor Power solutions, which makes wiring in an open “outdoor office” a breeze.

Specifiers, designers and architects can now efficiently and easily provide power through any outdoor space, no matter how expansive or unconventional the layout. Below are three products to consider incorporating to ensure a safe return to the workplace, courtesy of Legrand:

1) Solar Charging Kit – This is the quickest, easiest way to add power to outdoor areas without extensive wiring or cabling. Existing facility teams can choose any regular light pole with a 4” diameter, place it in a sunny area and simply add the Solar Charging Kit right on top. Three sets of two illuminated USB Type-A ports provide 3.1 amps of power and are protected with a sliding cover, keeping connections safe from all types of weather. With energy-efficient solar power, facilities now have a sustainable method to add USB charging to their outdoor spaces without the expense of a full construction project.

2) Temporary Outdoor Power – Designed to provide safe, Legrand’s temporary power solutions offer quick and convenient power sources for both indoor and outdoor applications. The family of products include both power distribution units (PDUs) and cable protectors that are tough and durable, built for deploying temporary power to a wide variety of environments. The Power Distribution units are ideal for quickly and safely meeting temporary power requirements while the cable protectors provide best-in-class protection of cables in heavily trafficked environments.

3) Outdoor Power Pedestal – The Outdoor Power Pedestal is designed specifically for outdoor use and high amperage applications, accommodating 15-60A electrical devices. With a variety of configurations, you can select the right option for your space in a stylish design that blends into the landscape.

For more information on the full breadth of Legrand’s power and charging solutions, visit legrand.us.

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