Line of Professional Recessed Lighting from SLV

Line of Professional Recessed Lighting from SLV 


Comprehensive family of commercial downlights… for any scale

SLV announces a new generation of high-performance commercial LED Downlights. The Professional Recessed (PR) series offers a comprehensive selection of customizable specification-grade commercial downlights. Available in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch apertures, the PR Series has a specific focus on optical performance, innovative Tri-D dimming and an extensive range of lumen packages.  The versatility of this product range is ideal for office, retail and residential areas where an energy efficient, cost-effective lighting solution is needed.

Offering our widest range of lumen packages, the PR Series is available from 1300 lumens up to 7000 delivered lumens.  Output in this range provides a unique family of products that will go from 8’ ceiling residential applications up to 30’ ceiling applications for 2-story and 3-story foyers and entryways, always a key spot for making a first impression. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K and dim-to-warm color temperatures with 80 and 90 CRI and high R9 values, the PR series offers a full palette for lighting designers to keep a consistent look throughout a building space and at any scale.

Available early February 2017, the PR series was developed by a team with over 50 years of recessed lighting experience.  The PR series will quickly set industry standards for its “soft diffuse” reflector in six superior colors providing uniformity of light and color consistency in both anodized and painted finishes.  The reflector includes a self-flanged design, trimless options and high-performance wall wash options. The smooth cone of illumination produced by the PR Series is both subtle striation-free for a high quality lighting experience.

Unique to this series is the revolutionary Tri-D dimming. Due to the increased demand for improved control interfaces, comes Tri-D. This universal LED dimming driver allows for dimming to 1% when used with Triac, ELV or 0-10V dimming devices without flicker, drop-out or ghosting commonly experienced with other drivers.

Suitable for new construction, remodel and retrofit installations.  A 4-inch ICAT housing is also available for residential applications. The robust driver and light engine are paired together, and easily inserts into the frame without the use of tools. The optics are field-interchangeable and can be replaced to meet the space requirements, with no need to remove the reflector. The easy twist-n-lock mounting secures the reflector and optic to the rest of the luminaire system.

The modular design system of the PR-4, PR-6 and PR-8 with their wide range of lumen packages, trim finishes, and dimming options allow specifiers to tailor the design of the light according to the needs and desired aesthetic of their particular space.

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