Litetronics Introduces Versatile LED Strip Fixture for Commercial and Industrial Settings

Litetronics proudly announces the introduction of its high-performing new LED Strip Fixture, a modern and energy-efficient linear lighting solution that provides high-quality, uniform lighting and the utmost of versatility to a broad range of commercial and industrial applications such as office, manufacturing/warehouse, retail, display, storage, stairwell, and corridor settings.

Litetronics’ LED Strip Fixture is offered in both a standard version available in either 4’ or 8’ lengths as well as a tunable version that features both adjustable color temperature and adjustable wattage, allowing an installer to fine-tune the fixture in the field to best meet the needs of the application.  Available in 2’, 4’, or 8’ lengths, the tunable version offers the choice of three color temperature settings (3500K, 4000K, and 5000K) as well as three unique wattage settings (15 Watts, 20 Watts, and 25 Watts for the 2’ model, 30 Watts, 40 Watts, and 50 Watts for the 4’ model, and 50 Watts, 60 Watts, and 70 Watts for the 8’ model) that deliver powerful light output ranging from 1,950 to 9,100 lumens.  The tunable model further incorporates integrated sensors for occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, enabling additional energy savings and operating cost savings.

Both the standard and tunable LED Strip Fixtures can be surface, suspension, or t-grid mounted in either a single-fixture configuration or as a continuous row to cover more ground from one power source.  The fixture’s lightweight, two-piece design makes installation quick and easy, reducing overall project time and labor cost, while its high efficacy of 130 lumens per watt and ‘DLC Premium’ rating ensure its eligibility for utility rebate incentives nationwide.  

In addition, the durable Strip Fixture’s shatterproof polycarbonate frosted lens and ETL ‘damp location’ rating support its use in some of the market’s most demanding applications, while its 100,000-hour rated life and 10-year warranty will ensure peace of mind for end users and channel members alike.

“Litetronics is excited to offer the next-generation of its popular LED Strip Fixtures, which enable professional lighting users to easily upgrade their fluorescent strip fixtures to the high-efficiency, long life, and low maintenance benefits of LED technology,” said Litetronics CEO Robert Sorensen.  “The incorporation of both adjustable color temperature and adjustable wattage as well as occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting capabilities into the LED Strip Fixture provides users with an optimal combination of maximum performance and versatility in a durable package that will deliver years of reliable, controllable, and maintenance-free operation.”

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Litetronics Introduces Versatile LED Strip Fixture for Commercial and Industrial Settings

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