Magnilumen Plus – The Next Generation in LED Magnetic Retrofitting

ZLED Lighting’s Magnilumen Magnetic Retrofit Kit has been at the forefront of Magnetic LED Retrofit Kits for years. The company has now introduced Magnilumen Plus to the marketplace.

Magnilumen Plus delivers up to an additional 25% in energy savings from the standard Magnilumen kit via significant increase in fixture efficacy. It also delivers these amazing benefits: 20% increase in lumen output per LED board versus the first generation of Magnilumen; Color temperature selectable option on harness via switch. 35K, 40K, 50K options available. (CSK Stock Kit Only); Tool-Free wattage selectable option on driver via DIP; Internal magnets on the LED boards, drivers and CCT switch make for easier slide out foot for screw mounting (where applicable); 150 lm/W with frost diffuser, 180 lm/W no diffuser; 2KV Surge Supression; 0-10VDC Dimming; Five Year Warranty; DLC Premium Rated.

Magnilumen Plus is available to retrofit 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent fixtures with standard 0-10 volt dimming.

Kits are easy to install and fit into almost any existing linear fluorescent fixture with on-board magnets. This makes it a perfect upgrade option where energy savings and lighting efficiency is key like hospitals, schools, office buildings, car dealerships, correctional facilities, showrooms, retail stores and any structure looking for a brighter and crisper lighting scene.

Through superior design, manufacturing, and sourcing of LED lighting technology, ZLED Lighting’s mission is to provide the highest quality, lowest cost, and most energy efficient lighting products available, while delivering exceptional service to our customers.

Magnilumen Plus - The Next Generation in LED Magnetic Retrofitting

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