MELTRIC Expands Hazardous Location Product Line

MELTRIC Expands Hazardous Location Product Line


MELTRIC announces a major expansion of its hazardous location devices. Adding 13 cCSAus rated plugs and receptacles, the new MELTRIC products are Class 1, Zone 2, Division 2 versions of the DS, DSN, DR, and DSDC product lines.

Destined to pack a punch, these plugs and receptacles boast higher amperage than other hazardous location products. Eight of the new MELTRIC devices can be used at 600 volts with pilot contacts; the DSN and DS line include motor circuit HP ratings. DS and DR devices range from 20-250A, 600 VAC, while DSDCs range from 20-200A, 250VDC.

Rated to meet Class 1, Zone 2, Division 2 requirements for flammable gases, vapors, and liquids, these plugs and receptacles also sport a standard Type 4X environmental rating. The devices, which feature MELTRIC’s spring-loaded, silver-nickel, butt-style contacts, are built to withstand harsh, corrosive environments, while delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

Black, heavy-duty poly or metal casings and accessories provide visual differentiation between these hazardous location plugs and receptacles and standard devices. Not intended to be connected or disconnected under load, screw-type locking pawls provide security against accidental disconnection. Receptacles include standard lockout holes for easy NFPA 70E lockout/tagout compliance.

A full complement of handles and wall boxes are available to meet code and operational requirements. Click here for additional product details.

Franklin, Wis.-based MELTRIC manufactures a comprehensive line of high-performance hazardous duty-rated industrial plugs and receptacles for use in power supply and control applications. Visit to learn more about our industry-leading products.





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