Meyda Tiffany Unveils Mistletoe Ball Pendant

Meyda Tiffany Unveils Mistletoe Ball Pendant


The beauty of natural Holly inspires this Tiffany styled masterpiece, a Mistletoe Ball Pendant by Meyda Tiffany.

Holly greenery was originally used to help celebrate winter and new growth. The Orb shaped ceiling fixture (81735) reveals an intricate leaf design in various Green art glass colors on a Clear glass background.

This fixture is handcrafted of authentic stained art glass using the famous Meyda copperfoil construction method. The stunning, hardware is featured in a warm Mahogany Bronze

Meyda Tiffany Company is a leading resource for decorative lighting and Tiffany lamps.  Founded in 1974, the firm’s roots date back to the early 1900s supplying Tiffany Studios with original lighting products, including the original Coca-Cola stained glass fixtures.


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