Milwaukee Introduces Combination Wrench Sets with MAX BITE for up to 25% More Torque

Milwaukee Introduces Combination Wrench Sets with MAX BITE for up to 25% More Torque


Milwaukee Tool has once again delivered innovation to a core category of tools aimed at the professional trades with the introduction of 7pc and 15pc Combination Wrench Sets. These new wrenches offer higher torque due to an anti-slip MAX BITE™ open-ended grip, as well as an I-Beam handle design so users can comfortably apply additional leverage.

The MAX BITE™ open-ended grip features a geometry that improves the wrench’s grip on nuts and bolts, providing 25% more torque than smooth open-ended wrenches. This geometry also reduces the pressure from corners of bolts to help prevent fastener rounding and stripping.

To alleviate the frustration caused by competitive wrenches with flat and thin frames that dig into users’ hands, the new Milwaukee® Combination Wrenches are designed with an I-Beam handle for superior user comfort, even while applying high torque.

Because wrench sizes can often be hard to see on chrome and can fade more quickly when laser etched, size labels on each of the wrenches are ink-filled for easy identification and readability from multiple angles. These ink-filled labels are also different colors to differentiate SAE and metric sets (red for SAE and black for metric). For further utility, the 7pc set comes in a portable, locking storage tray for better organization on and off the jobsite. The 15pc set comes in a storage tray that’s designed for long-term storage, and easily fits into any of Milwaukee’s popular steel storage units.

Milwaukee® offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all Combination Wrench Sets.

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