Modular Lighting Instruments by MLI NA Corporation Expands Pista Track Lighting System and Smart Downlight Family

Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of several new accessories that will expand the capabilities of its North American offerings. The brand’s Pista 48V magnetic track rail system has extended to include new Pista Spots and Pista Flaps modules. Additionally, the manufacturer has released Smart 1.9 Tubed, an addition to its Smart downlight family.

Pista Spots & Flaps – The new Pista Spots module features a trail of 8 or 16 tiny but powerful LED spots that can be integrated discreetly into the profile of a Pista configuration. Offered in a black or white structure, Pista Spots enables designers to create accents through additional illumination while maintaining a sleek design. The modules are seamlessly integrated, flush with the surface of the track. Light output is up to 1500lm while being lower glare (UGR 20) than the standard continuous linear sections. Pista Spots is available with a choice of two beam angles – medium or flood – and 0-10V or DALI dimming systems and is available in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K & 3500K.

The Pista Flaps module features two thin, elegant flaps on either side of the track that reduce glare and visually extend the appearance of Pista’s slim track profile. Also available in a black or white structure, Pista Flaps is offered in three different sizes and provides endless options to create interesting light patterns.

Introduced to the North American market in December 2019, Pista, the Italian word for “racetrack,” embodies its name through slim and streamlined design. Thanks to many different connection accessories, unique geometric structures can be created such as the ability to do ceiling-to-wall continuous sections (surface or recessed). A flexible connection also allows users to connect two tracks with a flexible cable to create corner configurations that are larger or smaller than 90 degrees or suspensions of tracks at different levels.

Smart 1.9 Tubed – The new Smart 1.9 Tube is an accessory for the Smart range that allows for surface mounted, suspension and wall mounted tubes (cylinders). As Smart 1.9 Tubed is too small to integrate a driver, it comes with a remote driver that is either IC or non-IC rated, and available in multiple dimming architectures including Lutron Ecosystem. Although a typical electrical junction box can be used, it also can be used without a junction box since it has an option for a built in connection location in the tube for the wiring from the remote driver. Additionally, more than one Smart 1.9 fixture can be connected to the remote driver which increases installation flexibility. Smart 1.9 Tubed is offered in Modular Lighting Instruments’ Smart Cake, Smart Kup, or Smart Lotis flange designs, with a tube choice of black or white structure.

Launched in the North American market in January 2020, Smart 1.9 is a downlight measuring just 1.9 inches in diameter and an aperture of less than 1.5 inches, making it the smallest member of the downlighter family. This collection of petite downlights can deliver up to 311 lumens per each compact fixture, and is available in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K.

The downlight can be grouped with other larger members of the Smart family for dynamic ceiling configurations. Smart 1.9 also seamlessly coordinates with various Modular Lighting Instruments collections outside of the Smart family, including the innovative magnetic track system, Pista.

Modular Lighting Instruments by MLI NA Corporation Expands Pista Track Lighting System and Smart Downlight Family

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