Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation Introduces New Finishes for Duell and Trapz Wall Lights

Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of four new anodized outer finishes and three new inner finishes for the brand’s Duell and Trapz wall-mounted fixtures.

With sleek, contemporary profiles that allow them to seamlessly blend into a myriad of commercial and residential spaces, Duell and Trapz are now enhanced by new Anodized Silver Bronze, Anodized Bronze, Anodized Champagne, and Anodized Black outer finishes. To complement these outer finishes, new Black, Champagne, and Aluminum inner finishes are also offered, providing a variety of fixed combinations to suit a range of design aesthetics.

Initially launched in 2015, the Duell and Trapz wall-mounted fixtures are equipped with both a downlight and an uplight to provide uniform illumination in both directions. Modular Lighting Instruments also recently released diffusers for these fixtures to soften and level the light emitted, ultimately providing a blended glow creating a more seamless design than ever before. Each fixture provides distinguished offerings:

Duell: With a name that originates from the idea of a duel between two colors, Duell is composed of two flattened cylindrical shapes that blend into any wall. The duo-toned luminaires allow users to play with color, with contrasting finishes on their exteriors and interiors.

Trapz: Inspired by a trapezium shape, Trapz features indirect lighting and subtle shadows. The flattened cylinder is complete with two oblique openings, which shows off the contrasting interior of the luminaire creating a notable chiaroscuro effect.

Modular Lighting Instruments continues to grow its North American offerings, releasing award-winning luminaires and systems that stand the test of time and satisfy the need for high-quality, minimalist light fixtures that are certified for the market. For additional information or to find the nearest dealer, please visit:

Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation Introduces New Finishes for Duell and Trapz Wall Lights

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