Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation Launches Pista Extensions in North America

Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of new fixtures and features to Pista, the 48V magnetic track rail system. The versatile system will now be available with Minude (surface-mounted or suspended), and two-lamp versions for Smart 1.9, Médard 1.7, and Marbulito.

Pista was originally launched in December 2019, offering a variety of configurations including a Linear LED, Night Light LED, as well as five other Modular Lighting Instruments spotlight and suspended fixtures: Médard 1.7, Marbulito, Marbulito suspended, Smart 1.9, or Smart 1.9 suspended for accent lighting. The surface fixtures are now each available in two-lamp configurations.

New to the North American market, the Minude spotlight features a small, but elegant cylindrical form, offering high-quality, low-glare illumination. Available in four anodized colors including black, bronze, champagne, and silver bronze; or two powder coated finishes including black structure or white structure. The minimalist fixture uses a glass lens technology to virtually eliminate spill light, while enhancing illuminance, which translates to more punch in light output. Just like the rest of the Pista range, Minude comes in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K.

Derived from the Italian word for “racetrack,” Pista embodies its name through slim and streamlined design. Though Pista’s tracks aren’t as curvy, they have the same potential for endless configurations. Pista can be surface-mounted, suspended, or recessed trimless, and comes in the following lengths: 39.4 inches (1000 mm), 78.7 inches (2000mm), and  118.1 inches (3000mm). The adjustable, 1-inch-thick (26.2mm) track rail can be outfitted with a Linear LED for general lighting.

As Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation continues to expand its North American offerings, the company will launch more award-winning flexible luminaires and systems that stand the test of time and satisfy the need for high-quality, minimalist light fixtures certified for the market.

For additional information or to find the nearest dealer, please visit: www.supermodular.us.

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