Myers Emergency Power Systems Showcases Advanced Backup Power Solutions at LIGHTFAIR International

Myers Emergency Power Systems Showcases Advanced Backup Power Solutions at LIGHTFAIR International

Myers Emergency Power Systems showcased its latest offering of mini and micro inverters at LIGHTFAIR International. The inverters empower lighting designers, architects, engineers and other specifiers to fulfill emergency lighting requirements for interior and exterior path of egress using existing lighting products, as to not affect the aesthetic design of a space.

The emergency backup power products include the Illuminator LV-5 Series of mini inverters and the Illuminator LVU Series of micro inverters. These efficient and reliable products feature Myers EPS’ industry-leading, advanced Pure Sine Wave technology, providing efficiencies of up to 98 percent to reduce overall operating costs.

“Our Pure Sine Wave technology guarantees a 250-millisecond transfer time compared to the average eight-second delay from other emergency backup sources,” said John Daly, chief executive officer, Myers EPS. “This an important characteristic in medical facilities, schools and other building applications that can’t afford long disruptions in power.”

With up to 98 percent efficiencies, the Pure Sine Wave technology allows the mini and micro inverters to run cool, eliminating the need for fans and reducing the overall operating costs of emergency lighting systems. The technology provides direct AC power and full illumination to all lighting sources.

Myers EPS mini and micro inverters can be discreetly wall-mounted or installed in the ceiling and are wired directly to multiple lighting luminaires versus installing individual battery packs to each individual lighting product, saving building owners on initial product costs as well as long-term maintenance costs. They can be remote mounted at virtually any distance from the existing lighting fixture, depending on the wire selected, making path of egress code requirements easy and convenient.

Myers EPS inverters are easy to specify with a generous load power factor (PF) range of .5 leading to .5 lagging. With the extensive variety of LED drivers available, this makes selecting the appropriate inverter simple, compared to most inverters that have a narrow PF range.

As the industry continues to move towards low-wattage LED sustainable solutions, the low initial cost and substantial long-term savings is changing how specifiers and building owners view the mini and micro inverter market. Mini and micro inverters are the emergency lighting solution of choice.

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