Nelson Firestop Pillows Create Lifesaving Fire Barrier

Nelson Firestop Pillows Create Lifesaving Fire Barrier

Temporary or permanent fire protection for sealing large openings through walls, floors and ceilings, including cable tray penetrations

Nelson Firestop Fire Protective Pillows (PLW) are well suited for installations where frequent access to large openings in walls, ceilings or floors is needed. Soft and compressible, the pillows are easily removed to provide temporary entry to the opening and resealed after necessary changes are made, restoring the firewall to its protective status.

Resembling small cushions, PLW pillows are tightly packed in structural openings in a stacking manner similar to bricks. When exposed to fire, heat expands the intumescent pillows in all directions to lock in an air-tight seal within the opening, completely preventing the spread of flames, smoke, toxic gases and water to the next room or floor for three hours.

The PLW is ideal for gaps created for penetrants that need frequent changes such as cables, steel and aluminum cable trays, innerducts, metal pipes, or electrical conduits. For example, data communications cables can be easily retrofit due to changes in cabling technology or adding workstations in a given space, without compromising the wall’s fire-resistance rating or having to remove messy firestop caulk or sealants.

Nelson Firestop Fire Protective Pillows consist of a mineral fiber, treated with a specially formulated firestop coating enclosed in a strong polyethylene bag. The pillows have been rigorously tested to the exacting criteria of ASTM E814 (UL1479), as well as the time-temperature requirements of ASTM E119 (UL263).

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