NEMRA Announces the Release of the 2020 Rep of the Future Study

NEMRA Announces the Release of the 2020 Rep of the Future Study

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Conducted and researched by Channel Marketing Group, the 2020 Rep of the Future study, the first in a series of NEMRA Insights, is intended to inform and educate NEMRA representative and manufacturer members about the changing environment in which they operate, alerting them to trends and most importantly offering a set of actions they can implement to ensure the future growth and viability of their businesses. 

Over 700 individuals, from manufacturer representatives, to manufacturers and distributors, as well as secondary research gathered from Electrical Wholesaling, TED Magazine, NAILD, Bill Attardi’s Energy Watch News, Egret Consulting, Electrical Trends, and River Heights consulting contributed to the study. 

The report brings forth a number of key questions, for manufacturers and manufacturer representative agencies to consider in thinking about their respective roles and industry dynamics over the next five years, including the following: 

1. Who is the customer? In an age of distribution consolidation, how does this change the role of the rep? 

2. How does technology and data change sales management, pre-sales support and post- sale customer service? 

3. As the role of a manufacturer representative changes from driving demand and providing support, primarily, at distribution, to more of a demand generation role, what skills, resources and business models are needed? 

4. How does an agency manage the different needs of the manufacturers that they represent, and set expectations accordingly? 

What will the Rep of the Future look like in 2025? 

To find out, please go to to request your copy of the 2020 Rep of the Future study. 

April 14, 2020
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