A New Approach to Connected Luminaires

 A New Approach to Connected Luminaires



The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled a synergy between luminaires and controls like never before. Lighting control systems now integrate with whole building management systems and leverage the electrical power and ubiquitous presence of lighting to collect data for smart building management. Focal Point is proud to introduce the industry’s broadest offering of connected luminaires with Connected Solutions: a program that enables dozens of luminaires to interface with industry-leading control solutions. These smart luminaires integrate with building lighting management systems through wired and wireless networks allowing occupants to control lighting for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

The intelligent luminaires go beyond controlled illumination and support strategies such as daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, HVAC system control, and individual control in order to save energy, reduce costs, and improve tenant well-being. Focal Point has partnered with several leading sensor, driver, and component manufacturers: Acuity nLight, Enlighted, Legrand Wattstopper, Lutron, and Osram to achieve smart communication in a variety of luminaires.

“Together with our partners we are providing the specification community the tools to achieve their goals and to support the implementation of their projects. Our collaboration allows for the integration with new or existing whole building lighting control systems, reducing the complexity and time spent finding luminaires and controls that work together.” said Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer at Focal Point.

The value of these systems reaches more than specifiers and building occupants, they provide building owners and managers the ability to monitor and modulate light levels and temperature, empowering them to increase efficiency, optimize performance, and deliver more comfortable environments. A variety of Focal Point luminaires including recessed linear luminaires, suspended luminaires, and architectural troffers may be ordered with the broad range of Connected Solutions to enable use in various applications: commercial offices, healthcare and hospitality environments, and educational facilities.

The Connected Solutions enabled luminaires facilitate more than illumination or energy savings, they help achieve beautiful, harmonious spaces that connect people to their environment.

To learn more about Focal Point Connected Solutions, visit: www.focalpointlights.com/ConnectedSolutions.


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