New Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer Delivers for Contractors

New Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer Delivers for Contractors


Intermatic Incorporated announced its new Ascend™ 7-Day In-Wall Programmable Timer, a next-generation control that helps contractors save five to 15 minutes on each installation while delivering tech-forward features to consumers.

Available in Smart/Wi-Fi (STW700W) and Standard (ST700W) configurations, Ascend makes it easy to automate routine lighting schedules, improve security and boost energy efficiency in residential and light commercial applications.

The flagship Ascend Smart leverages four unique communication options – Peer-to-Peer (Access Point), Wi-Fi, Remote Access (Cloud) and Voice – to speed up installations and provide a seamless transition from initial setup to everyday use.

“Smart device manufacturers often miss the mark by overlooking the needs of contractors during initial installation and setup,” says Kimberly Durkot, segment marketing manager at Intermatic. “Ascend brings the industry forward by offering an intuitive interface, pre-programmed schedule templates and a range of mobile programming options that allow contractors to fully install the device and pass control to the homeowner in minutes – all without a network connection or smart home hub.”

Ascend Smart enables installers and homeowners to create and update schedules on the fly using any Apple® or Android® device via the Ascend Smart Timer app. Once onboarded, homeowners can also use voice commands to control their Ascend Smart through integration with Amazon Alexa.

Ideal for home lighting and light motor applications, both Ascend configurations include a large backlit LCD and pre-programmed templates, as well as Astronomic dusk-to-dawn settings and automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment. A sleek, modern design helps Ascend fit any home décor.

“Both consumers and installers value simplicity when it comes to smart devices,” adds Durkot. “By finding a balance between ease of access and overall functionality, we’ve created a solution that’s tailored to meet the needs of everyone involved.”

Ascend caters to both traditional, no-frills homeowners and gadget-loving smart home enthusiasts with a wealth of helpful features, including: Wi-Fi Not Required – Fully set and schedule Ascend Smart with any smartphone or tablet using a secure peer-to-peer communication channel. Wi-Fi is not required for initial setup; Intuitive Setup – Pre-programmed schedule templates accommodate 80 to 90 percent of application needs while smartphone programming options save an average of 5 to 15 minutes on every installation; Standalone Automation – Get many of the same benefits of a complex home automation system with Ascend Smart without the hassle – no hub required; Voice Control – Pair the Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer with Amazon Alexa to enable voice-activated commands, including ON/OFF and status check Automatic Adjustment – Using geolocation information, Ascend calculates Astronomic ON/OFF dusk and dawn times to provide the most accurate lighting schedule possible and adjusts automatically for Daylight Saving Time.

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