New Low-Glare LED Street Light is Optimized for Residential Neighborhoods

New Low-Glare LED Street Light is Optimized for Residential Neighborhoods

Leotek Electronics has introduced its ComfortView™ Neighborhood LED Street Light, the first of its kind, engineered to reduce discomfort glare while offering color temperatures and features that provide measurably enhanced visual comfort1 for residents and pedestrians.

According to both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), glare from street lights causes visual discomfort for residents, pedestrians, and motorists alike.2,3 Leotek’s unique design approach incorporates a two-stage optical system with a refractor optic to reduce glare. A lower luminance “transition zone” further reduces the stark contrast between the light and the dark sky. Compared to conventional LED street lights, ComfortView’s optical system produces more comfortable illumination with significantly reduced glare.

“Cities across the country are strengthening and creating street light regulations that require lower levels of glare and light trespass,” said Kenan Chen, Leotek Product Manager. “ComfortView achieves these objectives and creates a more pleasant neighborhood ambience while achieving the energy savings that municipalities need.”

Communities are far more supportive of installing new street lights when the solution makes them feel more comfortable while walking in their neighborhood or trying to sleep at night.

In addition to ComfortView’s glare reduction technology, communities and municipalities can select from three different color temperatures, 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K, and from four different specialized shields (House Side Shield, Front Side Shield, Cul-de-sac Shield, and 80-degree Cutoff Shield), each designed to minimize light intrusion. ComfortView also complies with dark sky objectives set forth by the International Dark Sky Association.

ComfortView also supports municipalities’ “smart city” efforts with an industry-standard 7-pin photocell receptacle that allows a networked lighting control node to be attached for remote adjustment of light output.

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