New Polycarbonate Enclosure Design of Medical Grade Isolation Transformers

New Polycarbonate Enclosure Design of Medical Grade Isolation Transformers


Bridgeport Magnetics Group announces that all power ratings of its ISO-PUCK series of medical grade transformers are now available epoxy potted inside Polycarbonate (Lexan) enclosures, from 200VA to 3000VA.

Whenever an operating room is designated as a wet location, installing an isolation transformer like the ISO-PUCK rather than a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) avoids interruption of power during surgery.

ISO-PUCK transformers also help medical device manufacturers to speed up the process of certifying their product by making the ISO-PUCK an integral part of the device.

The ISO-PUCK transformers are available for either 60Hz or 50/60Hz frequency operation allowing installation overseas or south-of- the border. For US and Canadian applications, the enclosed transformers are available with NEMA5 plugs for 15 A or 20 A. For other markets, appropriate plugs are available. A wide choice of receptacles are available besides the NEMA series including IEC connectors and hospital grade power strips. The standard cord length is 2 feet (30 cm) and also available in longer lengths.

The ISO-PUCK may be mounted on a wall   or on a cart where leakage current from computers, printers or medical devices may exceed the maximum allowed value in operating rooms and patient care areas caused by frayed and aging insulation.

The new portable ISO-PUCK TOWER is equipped with a medical grade four or six-outlet power strip and a 20-foot cord with NEMA plug to allow the tower to be moved inside the room.

All ISO-PUCK transformers are certified to the third edition of the medical safety standard IEC60601.1 and its equivalent ANSI(UL), CSA and EN standards. This certification also includes Bridgeport Magnetics’ bare transformers with no enclosures up to 6000VA.

To eliminate the risk of hazardous and life-threatening leakage current (also called touch current), the medical safety standards limit the touch current to 100 microamps (uA) with grounds lifted for fixed equipment. For portable equipment the current shall not exceed 500 uA with the ground wire disconnected.

The principal requirement in the third edition is its emphasis on the manufacturer to maintain a Risk Management File as specified in ISO14971 to ensure long-term product reliability and safety.

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