New Protector Plates for Adjustable Mud Rings from RACO

RACO introduces two new Protector Plates for use with mud rings. These products prevent drywall debris from entering the box or damaging devices. The RACO brand from Hubbell provides innovative electrical products to commercial and residential markets.

RACO’s new single gang 701AJT plate and two gang 702AJT plate are raised to protect the electrical box and any installed devices from damage during drywall installation. That includes drywall compound, debris, paint or the router bit cutting the opening in the drywall for the box. Perfect for Pre-Fab applications where everything is pre-assembled to speed up rough-in installation.

These two new models are designed specifically to offer protection for RACO’s 1 and 2 gang steel adjustable mud rings, also called plaster rings. However, the plates function just as well on regular mud rings. After the drywall has been cut, the plates are removed and ready to be used again. Then final adjustment can be made to the mud rings ensure the device is level to the drywall surface.

The 701AJT and 702AJT feature durable steel construction. They speed installation in a variety of commercial electrical applications. Easy to use, these protector plates are secured to the device or mud ring with screws. Along with devices that provide power, the plates can be used to protect data and A/V connections.

RACO’s new Protector Plates, as well as the complete Protector Plate line, are available now. Find more information at:

New Protector Plates for Adjustable Mud Rings from RACO

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