Nordeon USA Debuts TRANSPARENCY – Innovative, Minimalist LED Pendants

Nordeon USA Debuts TRANSPARENCY - Innovative, Minimalist LED Pendants


TRANSPARENCY conveys two distinctive appearances within interior spaces.  The lens appears clear when switched off, allowing architecture to be the focal point.  When illuminated, the luminaire transforms into a functional design element, providing glare-free illumination with high visual comfort.

TRANSPARENCY has a clear tempered glass lens that features embedded light control structures (LCS) to refract light from precisely spaced, concealed edge-lit LED sources, producing an even appearance with low brightness.  The luminaire delivers a direct-indirect light distribution with 45% uplight and 55% downlight components.

TRANSPARENCY’s extruded aluminum housing measures 47” long by 19.5” wide and is less than an inch high.  The luminaire is available in three lumen packages with an efficacy exceeding 95 lumens/watt and luminance less than 3000 cd/sq meter.  Models are available in wattages of 40w, 54w, or 67w depending on illumination requirements.

Color temperatures may be warm or neutral at 3000K or 4000K, respectively.  Color rendering index is greater than 80CRI, with a L70 lifetime greater than 50,000 hours.  Universal LED driver allows input voltage range from 120 volts through 277 volts at 50 or 60 Hertz.   Options include 0-10vDC dimming on request.

TRANSPARENCY is pendant mounted with stainless steel aircraft cable.   Standard finishes are white or silver.

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