NSI Industries Expands Its Electrical Tape Product Offering

NSI Industries Expands Its Electrical Tape Product Offering

NSI Industries announced that it has expanded its benchmark WarriorWrap product line of vinyl electrical tapes to include a full portfolio of professional specialty tapes, designed with unique attributes tailored for specific application needs.

The WarriorWrap Specialty Tape product offering of 37 tapes include high-voltage and rubber linered and linerless slicing tapes; mastic tapes; glass cloth tapes; corrosion protection tapes; and tapes for harness wrapping, shielding, electrical filling, friction and fire-retardant arc proofing.

“Our updated line of WarriorWrap electrical tapes is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, satisfying every professional taping need for our contractor and electrician customers,” said David DiDonato, chief operating officer, NSI Industries. “These high quality and reliable products, which include our current standard Easy Wrapgeneral purpose solutions, make us a one-source, one-stop solution for distributors and end-users.”

The new line of specialty products is designed for a multitude of applications including moisture sealing, protecting, harnessing, and insulating for both high- and low-voltage systems in extreme temperature environments.

The WarriorWrap line includes three performance grades of Premium, Select and General vinyl electrical tapes available in 11 colors per grade. The Premium collection, which exceeds the current industry-leading product specifications for strength by 24 percent, elongation by 34 percent and adhesion by 39 percent, is designed for superior temperatures, UV and flame resistance applications. The Select family is for primary insulation applications and cable bundling and the General line is for temporary indoor environments and cable marking.

The Easy Wrap general purpose tapes include duct, stretch wrap and packaging tapes, as well as a painter’s tape and a gaffer tape.

For additional information on NSI Industries’ WarriorWrap electrical tapes, visit www.nsiindustries.com.

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