Orbit Adds Double-Bite Couplings & Connectors to Combination Fittings Line

Orbit Adds Double-Bite Couplings & Connectors to Combination Fittings Line

Orbit Industries recently added eighteen products to its Combination Fittings offering, thanks to customer and end-user demand. New fittings include Steel Double-Bite Connectors and Couplings, as well as Rigid-to-Liquid Tight Couplings. Many of the new fittings ensure a faster, more reliable way to transition tubular raceway with flexible conduit, versus previous styles of combination fittings.

Orbit’s Tubular Steel Double-Bite Couplings (SEFSD and SEFCD Series) feature a saddle-type clamp that rides up and down the screw, and grips flexible conduit better than squeeze-type couplings. This single screw design also secures faster than clamp-type couplings, which typically required two screws. New Double-Bite Couplings are made of zinc-plated steel, which offers higher tensile strength and higher yield strength than previous zinc die cast combo fittings. And unlike zinc die cast, steel does not deform over time (a phenomenon often called “creep”), and is overall a better material for longer conduit runs. Couplings fit 1/2 and 3/4” EMT conduit on one end, and transition to all common flex, MC, and AC cable ranges. Available Set-Screw type (SEFSD Series) and Compression type (SEFCD) EMT locking styles. For dry locations only.

The Steel Double-Bite Connector (SFID Series) also features a dual-gripping saddle clamp shaped to fit metal cable jackets, preventing cable distortion and conductor damage. All models include an insulated throat to prevent conductor chaffing during wire pulls. Connector fits 1/2” thru 1” knockouts, and accommodates 3/8” thru 1” flexible metal conduit. For dry locations only.

The Steel Rigid to Liquid Tight Compression Coupling (SRLTC Series) joins Rigid or IMC raceway to metallic or non-metallic liquidtight conduit. One end of the coupling is threaded for 1/2” thru 2” Rigid conduit; on the other end is a grounding ferrule locknut for 1/2” thru 2” liquidtight conduit. An internal sealing ring creates a rain-tight and concrete tight seal between both types of conduit.

Finally, the Steel Rigid to EMT Compression Coupling (SREC Series) improves upon more common set-screw type combo fittings. One end of the coupling is threaded for ½” thru 1” Rigid/IMC conduit; the other end is un-threaded for 1/2” thru 1” EMT. Unlike set-screw fittings, the SREC series greatly reduces the risk of seizing screws, or the accidental bending of EMT due to over-torque. Compression type fittings are also wet location or concrete rated.

Orbit’s new combination fittings are UL Listed and are in-stock now. To request evaluation samples or specification sheets for your customer, please call (844) 909-0695, or log onto: www.orbitelectric.com

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