Orbit Industries’ Junction Box with Angled MC Cable Clamps

Orbit Industries’ Junction Box with Angled MC Cable Clamps

Orbit Industries, Inc. introduces the 4SDB-AMC-PT – an exclusive electrical junction box that allows field electricians to secure MC cable without first removing the device ring. This 4” square metallic box also mounts directly to adjustable box brackets, thanks to its unique grounding screw location.

For most electrical contractors, MC cable boxes are nothing new. Pre-installed internal cable clamps mean ECs don’t have to carry external connectors to the job (MC boxes can also simplify ordering for the distributor!). These two-in-one steel boxes are typically ordered in shallow and deep varieties, usually with integrated wall brackets (‘B’, ‘FB’, ‘MS’, etc.).

However, contractors reported three drawbacks common with MC junction boxes. First, they have to remove the device ring in order to secure MC cable. Second, the ground screw (often located center-bottom) prevents direct mounting to adjustable box brackets (a.k.a. “screw gun” brackets). Third, the variety of MC boxes required for specific applications often cancels-out any material savings from the connectors.

Orbit engineers sought to eliminate those drawbacks when designing the 4SDB-AMC-PT. The MC clamps feature screws set at a 45-degree angle, allowing the installer to secure MC cable with the mud ring attached. Orbit engineers also moved the ground screw location so the box can mount direct to a box bracket.

Finally, Orbit chose one steel box configuration that could adapt to practically any application. This welded, 4” square, 2-1/8” deep junction box features four MC cable priouts, plus five ½” knockouts and two ½” to ¾” multi-knockouts. The 4SDB-AMC-PT was designed for use with several Orbit mounting brackets and accessories to meet the needs of any job.

For electricians that like to mount outlet boxes between studs using adjustable box brackets, Orbit offers its Drop-On-Bar Slider Bracket accessory. The BARB System features rear wing-clips, so contractors can slide the 4SDB-AMC-PT to the right location. Front-facing attachment points mean the EC doesn’t have to reach inside the box to secure (or move) it, saving time on the job.  The BARB-CS version features built-in cable support, which can help comply with NEC 330.30 (B).

For mounting direct-to-stud, order the 4SDB-AMC-PT with the Universal Mounting Adapter with Back Support. Orbit’s UMA-LVBS mounts to the face of open or closed metal studs. It features break-apart back support that prevents the box from folding-over during drywall installation.

The whole assembly (4SDB-AMC-PT / UMA-LVBS) can even be used between studs using the Simple Support Bracket. The SSB-T5 expands from 15” to 25”, even with the box and adapters hanging on. It’s currently the only telescoping bracket on the market that can take 4”, 4-11/16” and 5” square junction boxes.

The 4SDB-AMC-PT and its mounting accessories were designed to take advantage of adjustable-depth device rings. For instance, Orbit’s 4AR1G-58, which adjusts from 5/8” to 1-1/4” raised, replaces up to four common mud rings. This makes for an even simpler ordering and planning process.

The 4SDB-AMC-PT is UL Listed and RoHS compliant.

Source the Junction Box with Angled MC Clamps and mounting accessories in Orbit Industries Catalog 36. To order the catalog, please call (844) 909-0695, or visit: www.orbitelectric.com.


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