Orbit Industries’ Universal Mounting Adapter with Back Support

Orbit Industries’ Universal Mounting Adapter with Back Support


Orbit Industries’ Universal Mounting Adapter with Back Support (UMA-LVBS) combines an electrical box bracket and far-side back support into one product. The patent-pending UMA-LVBS is the only bracket to mount 4”, 4-11/16” or 5” square boxes to either side of the stud.

An exclusive keyhole pattern allows any size box to be turned 90° on the UMA-LVBS to terminate conduit from either side of the box. This keyhole pattern also permits the use of ordinary 4” device rings to 4-11/16” and 5” square boxes. This means that the box will stay in place without having to sandwich the bracket with a device ring.

A notch at the top of the UMA-LVBS makes it easy for the installer to access and adjust set screw-type conduit fittings.

Rigidity during drywall installation is a big concern for electricians. The UMA-LVBS’ integrated far-side back support feature helps to eliminate push-back and other trim-out issues, as well as avoid red tags during inspection. The break-apart far side support is marked for 2-1/2” and 3-1/2” stud depths. Bendable support legs on each side attach to either the open or closed side of a wood or metal stud using a self-tapping screw.

Two UMA-LVBS assemblies can be mounted side-by-side on the same stud. This is particularly useful when “nesting” data and power close together, using the stud to maintain separation guidelines.

For between studs, pair the UMA-LVBS with Orbit’s patented Simple Support Bracket (SSB). The UMA-LVBS features top-and-bottom clips that easily snap onto the SSB, without the need for tools. Slide the UMA-LVBS along the telescoping bracket any time prior to wall installation. Outlet boxes can be pre-fabricated (including pre-wired devices and whips) to the UMA-LVBS, and still be re-located along the SSB.

For more information about Orbit Industries’ UMA-LVBS or SSB mounting system, call (844) 909-0695, or visit Orbit’s website at www.orbitelectric.com.



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