Orbit Launches New LED Flood and Area Lights with Field-Adjustable Wattages; Now DLC Premium to 5.1 Standards

Orbit introduces the next generation of LED Flood / Area Lights – with field-adjustable wattages – flexible mounting options – and designed to exceed the high-performance standards of DLC 5.1.

LFL10 Series LED Flood Lights are available in six wattages and outputs ranging from 11,000 to 56,000 lumens. 150-watt, 300-watt, and 400-watt versions feature wattage adjustability. In addition, all flood lights are 0-10V dimmable, for use with outdoor lighting control systems. High voltage (277-480V) options are available in 150W, 230W, 300W, and 400W packages. LFL10 Series is DLC Premium listed, so customers can reap top-tier energy rebates offered by their utility companies.

LFL10 Series LED Flood Lights are the first in a new line of Adjustable Wattage luminaires from Orbit. For example, LFL10-400W-P includes settings for 230W, 300W, 350W, and 400W –practically FOUR LIGHT FIXTURES IN ONE PRODUCT! Dip switch controls for Adjustable Wattage are located at rear of the fixture housing. A cover is included to conceal the dip switch when not in use.

All models include dusk-to-dawn photocells, which turn the fixture on and off based on outdoor footcandle levels. The photocell includes a shorting cap to bypass it should installer not want to use the feature.

LFL10 Series Flood / Area Lights are sold without a fixed mounting arm. Instead, customers choose the luminaire output they need; then select the mounting bracket that fits their application! This flexible order process benefits both contractor and wholesale-distributor alike. Customers enjoy the freedom to mix-and-match components they need. And distributors are able to offer a larger variety to customers, without carrying as much inventory.

Mounting options include: Slip-Fitter (LFL10-SF); Trunnion Mount (LFL10-T); Yoke Mount (LFL10-YK-80 and LFL10-YK-300); or a Post Mount (LFL10-PM) which works with round or square light poles. There is also a Slip-Fitter to Post Mount Adapter (SFPMA) option for modifying existing light poles.

For the contractor, the LFL10 Series luminaires can be mounted and wired without having to access the inner fixture housing. This leads to a fast, easy and straight-forward installation process.

LFL10 Series is ideal for exterior building lighting, sign lighting, parking lot lighting, up lighting and other outdoor lighting and security applications. They use premium Philips LUMILED chips. UL Listed for Wet Locations. Backed by a 5 year warranty (see terms at http://OrbitElectric.com).

For more information the LFL10 Series, log onto: www.orbitelectric.com/lfl10-series-120-277v.html.

Orbit Launches New LED Flood and Area Lights with Field-Adjustable Wattages; Now DLC Premium to 5.1 Standards

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