Orbit Launches New Linear LED High Bay Light Fixtures

Features Include Motion Sensing and Emergency Backup Options

Orbit introduces new Linear LED High Bay Lights, which offer several cost-saving and labor savings options to both the installer and building owner.

Designed to replace 4-lamp T5 High Output fluorescents, LLHB3 Series is ideal for indoor locations with very high ceilings (19ft+) such as warehouses, gymnasiums, big-box retail stores, and store rooms.

LLHB3 Series is available in 90-watt, 130-watt, and 180-watt packages, ranging from 12,600 to 25,200 lumens. They emit a 5000K Cool White color temperature, and include a dimmable driver for continuous dimming (1-10V). Each model includes a 5.3-ft adjustable suspension kit, and an integral clear polycarbonate lens cover.

To extend its lifespan and decrease maintenance costs, LLHB3 can be ordered with an optional Motion Sensor (LLHB2-M) and Remote (LLHB2-RC). The motion sensor can serve two functions:

1. BI-LEVEL CONTROL: Utilizes passive infrared (PIR) sensor to activate the LLHB3 when the space is occupied, and will remain illuminated for a specified ‘Motion Hold Time’. After the ‘Hold Time’ period elapses, the light goes into ‘Stand-by Mode’ (optional) in which the LLHB3 dims to between 10%-50% of normal light levels. Finally, when ‘Stand-by’ time has elapsed, the LLHB3 turns off completely. Parameters are fully-programmable by Remote control, including Detection Range, Motion Hold Time, Light-Control, Stand-by Light Level and Stand-by Time settings. Sensor has a 360° coverage pattern, with a maximum 30’ x 30’ spread.

2. PHOTOCELL (DAYLIGHT) CONTROL:Users can program on/off setpoints for ambient light levels. In a scenario where there is sufficient natural light, the LLHB3 will remain OFF, even when the space is occupied. Photo Control is disabled by default, but can be a useful secondary energy-saving option.

In facilities with high ceilings and open floor plans, it can be difficult (and costly) to install and maintain both emergency lighting fixtures and general lighting. To ease these costs, Orbit offers an Emergency Backup Kit (LLHB2-EM) – effectively transforming the LLHB3 into a DUAL-PURPOSE FIXTURE! LLHB2-EM consists of an LED Emergency Driver and Lithium Battery Pack. When normal AC power is interrupted, the Backup Kit will kick-in. LLHB3 will remain lit at a reduced light level for at least 90 minutes – allowing occupants time to safely exit the building.

LLHB3 Series is DLC-Premium qualified – exceeding higher-performance classifications than are required of DLC Standard fixtures.  This helps contractors and building owners obtain rebates from practically any utility company in the United States, especially those with tiered rebate programs.

Orbit’s LLHB3 is UL Listed and backed by a 5 year limited warranty. For more information download Orbit’ 2021 LED Lighting Pamphlet at: https://www.orbitelectric.com/docs/literatures/catalogs/led_lighting_pamphlet.pdf.

Orbit Launches New Linear LED High Bay Light Fixtures

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