Orbit New Universal Mounting Adjustable 4O Box – now in “Red” Finish for Life Safety Applications!

Orbit’s Universal Mounting Adjustable 4” Octagon Box is now available in a “Red” powder coat finish. The FA-UMAB-4R promises installers the BEST way to install smoke detectors and other 4O compatible life safety devices.

FA-UMAB-4R consists of a 2-1/8” deep 4” octagon (3.5” round) box, and a special built-in mounting adapter. This adapter allows the contractor to raise the face of the 4O opening from 0″ – 1-1/2″… without the need for rings or extenders. Box is locked at the desired depth via outside adjustment screws. This mechanism ensures a perfectly flush device trim (even when drywall or tile depths are unknown). Out of the package, FA-UMAB-4R is raised 5/8”.

Like other products in the UMAB Series, FA-UMAB-4R features tapped screw holes on the adapter face. This makes for easy attachment to open or closed sides of a wall stud… without the need for tedious measurement. And since the adapter mounts to the face of the stud (not the inside), there is no need to cut floor trim when mounting to open stud frames.

For mounting devices between studs or hard-lid ceilings, FA-UMAB-4R can clip onto Orbit’s Simple Support Bracket (SSB-T5) without tools! This double-rail, telescoping bracket adjusts from 15″- 25″ to meet any cavity size. Just slide the FA-UMAB-4R along the bracket to its final position. Then, secure the box in-place with a single Tek screw.

Mounting 4O devices in a drop ceiling? Pair FA-UMAB-4R with Orbit’s SSB-TBAR, which features riveted clips that snap easily into T-grid channel. SSB-TBAR slides laterally along the 2’ side of a grid ceiling cavity. Its rigid design prevents tile sag, and contacts ceiling tile to prevent “wobbling”. Bracket clips include screw provisions for securing to the T-grid, in compliance with NEC 314.23 (D) (1).

When put together, FA-UMAB-4R and SSB-TBAR gives contractors 6-WAY ADJUSTABILITY – in both horizontal and vertical directions. Both products include branch line restraint provisions required by many building codes.

FA-UMAB-4R, SSB-T5, and SSB-TBAR are Patented and UL Listed.

To request an evaluation sample of Orbits FA-UMAB-4R log onto www.OrbitElectric.com.

Orbit New Universal Mounting Adjustable 4O Box – now in “Red” Finish for Life Safety Applications!

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