Orbit Releases 2021 Fasteners & Fittings Catalog

Features New Spring Steel Fasteners, Double-Bite Connectors, Combo Couplings & More…

Orbit Industries recently added over 280 new products to its 2021 Electrical Fasteners & Fittings Catalog (item # ORBCAT-3). This full-color, 269-page catalog is available for digital download now through Orbit’s website, www.OrbitElectric.com.

Some of the new products included in the 2021 Electrical Fasteners & Fittings Catalog include:

SPRING STEEL FASTENERS: made from annealed, low-alloy metals that feature a high yield strength. These popular fastening products ‘snap back’ to their original shape – so they can be re-used later. Many of these products offer TOOL-FREE installation – requiring only a hammer to secure to studs and structural beams.  Over 245 Spring Steel Fasteners were added to the catalog, with applications ranging from Cable & Conduit Supports; Structural Attachments; Stud Wall Clips; Ceiling and Acoustical; and Datacom.

STEEL DOUBLE-BITE COUPLINGS & CONNECTORS: feature a saddle-type clamp that rides up and down the screw – gripping flexible conduit better than squeeze-type fittings. Zinc-plated steel offers higher tensile strength and higher yield strength than common zinc die cast fittings. Set-Screw (SEFSD Series) and Compression-type (SEFCD Series) combo couplings join 1/2” and 3/4”and EMT to all common flex, MC, and AC cable ranges.

SIMPLE SUPPORT BRACKET FAMILY: award-winning modular mounting system accomplishes an estimated 95% of all rough-in work with fewer than 20 items! Mount 4” square, 4-11/16”, and 5” square boxes anywhere between wall and ceiling cavities. Mount direct-to-stud with UMA or UMA-LVBS adapter. Snap the same adapter onto the SSB-T5 telescoping bracket to go between wall studs or hard-lid ceiling joists. Mount in overhead T-bar ceilings with SSB-TBAR. SSB Family also includes specialized boxes with depth-adjustable adapters (0” to 1-1/2”) – ideal for large fire alarm boxes (UMAB Series) and 4O compatible devices (UMAB-4R Series).

The catalog also features common stock-and-flow items like EMT Fittings (incl. rain and concrete-tight), Flex and AC/MC Connectors, Liquid Tight Connectors, Groundings, Conduit Bodies, Straps, and Conduit Elbows. The catalog also includes specialized industrial fittings such as Gray Iron Form 7 and Form 8 Conduit Bodies, and Cast Device Boxes – plus an impressive array of Malleable Iron connectors, couplings, and clamps for Rigid/IMC conduit.

Team Orbit spent the better part of a year preparing the 2021 Fasteners & Fittings Catalog, so that it would be easy and intuitive to use. They kept a maximum of four products per page. A Table of Contents divides products by type and includes photos, allowing readers to quickly pinpoint exactly where they need to go. ‘Featured Products’ sections put a spotlight on lesser known products that offer time and labor-saving advantages. A Product Index enables readers to look up specific products by SKU number. All this was done to allow users to quickly understand the depth and breadth of Orbit’s fittings and fasteners at a glance.

To download Orbit’s 2021 Electrical Fasteners & Fittings Catalog, log onto https://www.orbitelectric.com/docs/literatures/catalogs/fittings_fasteners_pocket_catalog.pdf. At this time, the manufacturer is not offering a printed hard-copy version.

Orbit Releases 2021 Fasteners & Fittings Catalog

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