Orbit Revolutionary Mounting System Roughs-In 3 to 6-Gang Boxes Anywhere Between Studs

~Guarantees Flush Device Finish Every Time!

Orbit Industries has developed a breakthrough solution for mounting multi-gang boxes between wall studs.

The preassembled Simple Support Bracket with Adjustable Multi-Gang Masonry Box is the only off-the-shelf mounting product of its kind. SSB-MB Series offers 3, 4, 5 and even 6-gang configurations.

Part of Orbit’s Ready-To-Install product line, the SSB-MB Series includes both box and bracket, so it installs immediately, right out of the package… with almost no assembly required! Best of all, its MULTI-GANG BOX IS ADJUSTABLE, so it guarantees a flush finish every time.

The SSB-MB Series has already proven itself a game-changer on modular healthcare projects across the country. These products are used extensively to mount nurse call boxes and other devices in patient headwalls. SSB-MB Series has also been used to mount banks of dimming switches connected to lighting systems in large auditoriums.

SSB-MB Series’ telescoping steel bracket adjusts from 15″- 25″, so it adapts to practically any wall stud cavity. Its rigid, double-rail design requires no added back support. It features two mounting holes and two center cut-outs on either side for quick, level installations.

Assembled to the bracket is a patented mounting adapter with a 3-1/2” deep multi-gang masonry box (from 3 to 6-gang). The adapter allows for adjustment of the masonry box from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ via outside adjustment screws. This mechanism allows the contractor to lock the box to right depth needed. This results in a box opening that is always flush, no matter the finished wall depth.

The adapter / masonry box can also snap on and off the bracket rails without tools, and slides horizontally along the bracket until set in place with a single screw. Installers can place these large boxes at precisely the right location their specs require.

Another key advantage of the SSB-MB Series is that it DOES NOT REQUIRE A MUD RING! This is thanks to integral device ears on the masonry box, which allow contractors to attach receptacles, switches and other devices directly to the box face. This feature is especially advantageous since adjustable device rings only go up to 3-gang.

Altogether, the SSB-MB Series gives contractors 6-WAY ADJUSTABILITY. Multi-gang boxes can be raised to the anticipated wall depth offsite, so they’re ready-to-install onsite. Once installed, boxes can be re-located quickly if needed; and box depth can be adjusted on the spot prior to wall installation. SSB-MB Series ships pre-assembled, with the box set at a 5/8” raise. Each box configuration features multiple 1/2” to 3/4” concentric knockouts on all sides.

SSB-MB Series is Patented and UL Listed.

To request an evaluation sample of Orbits SSB-MB3, please log onto: www.OrbitElectric.com.

Orbit Revolutionary Mounting System Roughs-In 3 to 6-Gang Boxes Anywhere Between Studs

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