Orbit’s Universal Cut-In Adapter for Old Work Applications

Orbit’s Universal Cut-In Adapter for Old Work Applications

With Orbit Industries’ new Universal Cut-In Adapter series, installers can now use any 4” sq. metal junction box to add devices in existing walls.  The UCIA-4S series was designed to increase flexibility on remodeling and tenant improvement jobs. Additional benefits include reduced planning time and lower procurement costs compared to traditional old work boxes.

Traditionally, when performing retrofit work, electricians only had a few remodel box options to choose from (versus a wide variety of new work boxes). For instance, when two receptacles are needed, installers typically have to gang two 3” x 2” switch boxes together. Plaster ears found on old work boxes have a bad reputation for “pulling out” over time. Finally, tracing these old work boxes can sometimes result in cutting too large an opening, causing unsightly gaps around wall plates. 

The old work issues just mentioned can be eliminated when installers use Orbit’s Universal Cut-In Adapter. UCIA-4S Series accommodates 4” boxes of any depth, and are made of thin yet durable galvanized steel. They feature two old work clips with captive screws, which can be sunk into sheet rock of any depth. Adapters leave a small foot print, so they are easy to conceal with life safety devices 4-7/8” W x 4-3/4” H or larger.

Model no. FA-UCIA-4S is powder coated with a red finish to help installers identify fire alarm circuits, as well as reduce the need to paint adapters in the shop. Model no. UCIA-4S is unfinished. Upon request, Orbit can preassemble the UCIA-4S Series with any 4” Sq. junction box, including pre-painted fire alarm boxes.

To ensure the tightest possible envelope, Orbit provides a cut-out wall template for the Universal Cut-In Adapter on their website. Installers can download this template, print it out on standard 8-1/2” x 11 paper, and use the template for tracing and cutting. 

Orbit’s new Universal Cut-In Adapter for 4” Square Boxes are UL Listed and are in-stock now. To request evaluation samples or sell sheets for your customer, please log onto: www.orbitelectric.com. For more information, please visit: https://www.orbitelectric.com/ucia-4s-series.html.

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