Organic Lighting Systems Introduces liniLED PSP Light Strips

Organic Lighting Systems Introduces liniLED PSP Light Strips


liniLED® PSP (Power Short Pitch) flexible LED strips provide very long-lasting, brilliant, white lighting for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.  These include, but are not limited to upscale commercial, architectural, industrial, retail, hospitality, marine and high-end residential installations.

liniLED® PSP meets all manner of vertical or horizontal white-lighting around building interior and exterior outlines and columns; rectilinear entrances, and outdoor signage; building ceiling moldings, baseboards, display cases; marine and other seasonal all-weather applications.

liniLED® PSP epitomizes state-of-the-electronic-art in long life, ultra-low-energy consumption, LED flexibility.  Low heat generation, as Organic Introduces liniLED Power Short Pitch well as very long operating life from this new family of low-profile, small-scale LED lighting strips, makes the Power Short Pitch more than well suited for interior and exterior space-restricted or 24/7 applications and heat-sensitive areas.

White color options for liniLED® PSP are Ultra-Warm – 2400K, Warm – 2700K and 3000K, Natural – 4000K, and Cold – 6500K. liniLED® PSP Topstrips are embedded in white and clear co-extrusions that emit top-oriented light for indoor and outdoor applications.   liniLED® PSP Side strips embedded in white and clear co-extrusions, offer side light for indoor and outdoor use.

PSP side strips enable horizontal bends for curves and columns. Its extrusion has an asymmetric reflector. Stable constant-voltage technology for LED drivers further ensures consistent illumination levels.

A wide range of mounting options is available.  Light strips mount end to end for bendable patterns, and in continuous rows.

liniLED® PSP comprises distinctive white or clear co-extrusions incorporating built-in reflectors.  All light output is uniquely directed upward or sideward by model, eliminating unwanted, wasteful backlight emissions.

liniLED® PSP light strips are exceptionally compact.  liniLED®PSP Topstrips measures .5-inches wide by .25-inches high, while liniLED® PSP Side is .5-inches wide by .5-inches high; both have a bend radius of 1.2 inches.

liniLED® PSP can be specified in runs up to 33-feet, three LEDs per inch; six for each cut section; thirty-seven per foot.

LEDs draw a mere 2.98 watts per foot; emit 90 lumens per watt, 258 lumens per foot.

liniLED® PSP is field cuttable every 2 inches.  Plug and play systems can be employed indoors or out.

Models share a complete range of accessories, are dimmable, have a rated lamp life of 50,000 hours and a five-year limited factory warranty.


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