Orgatech Debuts AC LEDStrip

Orgatech Debuts AC LEDStrip


New Energy-Saving, Low-Profile Indoor/Outdoor Linear Lighting Systems Operate Directly

from 120 Line Voltage


AC LEDStrip is an extremely flexible, energy efficient, high-lumen, linear LED lighting system for indoor oroutdoor use. Operating directly on ordinary 120 line voltage, AC LEDStrip can be used in runs up to 150 feet without the use of LED drivers or additional power sources.

AC LEDStrip is well suited for a wide-range of interior/exterior hospitality, commercial/institutional, retail merchandising; as well as for upmarket indoor and outdoor residential applications.

AC LEDStrip can be easily concealed in and along ceilings and walls; coves, building, and room interiors; around baseboards and ceiling moldings; in staircases, along railings and columns. It’s also suitable for exterior path and contour marking; perimeter lighting, signage and architectural elements, anywhere discreet, low-scale, easily-dimmable architectural LED lighting is desired.

AC LEDStrip is a cutting-edge plug and play, linear lighting system that operates directly from regular 120 line voltage. A single electric line controls an uninterrupted run up to 150 feet. No LED drivers or additional power source required.

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