PCS’s Lighting Control Panel – Centralize Your Lighting Controls

PCS's Lighting Control Panel - Centralize Your Lighting Controls



Powerline Control Systems, Inc. has developed the LCP-U Lighting Control Panel to simplify the design and installation of any lighting system. It allows you to keep large numbers of dimmers out of view and remotely control the dimmers with keypads and touch screens, perfect for telephone, Alexa, and Google control.

The LCP-U panel can house up to (20) single-gang dimmers or switches from any manufacturer controlling up to 20 individual circuits and delivering up to 24,000W of power. The photos here show the LCP-U installed with PCS 600W, 1500W and 2400W switches, but the panels will accommodate any manufacturers’ switches or dimmers.

The LCP-U can be installed between two standard 16” studs in a conventional 4” deep wall or surface-mount. This results in a very clean professional installation.

Using LCP-U panels to centralize lighting controls offers several distinct advantages: The cost to design, layout, construct, wire, and program alighting system is greatly reduced.

The finished product using LCP-U lighting panels results in a professional, rugged, high-quality system.

The LCP-U can accommodate any single, double, triple or four gang devices. The LCP-U series enclosure is a rugged NEMA1 grade panel made of 16 GA steel with a white powder coat finish. Enclosure is provided with 13 knockouts (½ x ¾ combo type) on both the top and the bottom of the unit and 20 knockouts on the rear.

The LCP-U is designed with ventilation slots to properly dissipate the heat generated by high-power lighting controls. The front door and interior mounting panel can be easily removed to simplify wiring. A locking door with two keys is provided to insure against tampering by unauthorized persons.

The interior mounting panel is designed with removable hinges so it may be completely removed from the enclosure so that dimmers or switches may be easily installed and wired. While installed the mounting panel can swing 90 degrees out of the enclosure for easy access.

For more information about purchasing direct from PCS, visit: www.pcslighting.com.






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