Pittsfield Plastics to Manage Sales and Marketing for Electrical Bypass Company

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc. announced that it has entered an agreement to manage sales and marketing efforts for Massachusetts-based Electrical Bypass Company. The arrangement re-energizes distribution and sales of the company’s flagship product The Electrical Bypassâ„¢, an award-winning, time-saving device used by electrical and telecommunications contractors for installing conduit with multiple junction boxes.

Designed by licensed electricians, The Electrical Bypass snaps easily into junction boxes, providing contractors with a time- and money-saving process to use when wiring a building using pneumatic or conventional snake/wiring methods. Its patented design reduces the time spent on snaking or pulling wires by up to 66 percent — and in most cases eliminates the need for an additional scissors lift.  Once wiring is complete, The Electrical Bypass breaks away easily and may be disposed. At a time when contractors are seeking ways to reduce cost and time demands, The Electrical Bypass is expected to provide welcome work-process efficiency.

The sales agreement comes at a time of growth for Pittsfield Plastics. The company recently expanded its facility and upgraded its equipment to meet the requirements presented by its increased market share. Pittsfield Plastics’ growth is a result of combined demand for its line of plastic spools, reels, cores, cones, and bobbins; its custom mold-making and injection molding services, and its manufacture of extruded plastic tubing and profiles for the filtration market and beyond. The Electrical Bypass is available in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1-inch sizes and packaged in bags of 20.

Distributors interested in selling The Electrical Bypass are encouraged to contact Tom Walker at (413) 442-0067. For more information including locations at which to purchase The Electrical Bypass, visit www.electricalbypass.com or call Nick Roth at (413) 442-0067.

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified injection molder, extruder and mold maker based in Pittsfield, MA. For more information, visit www.pittsplas.com

Based in Massachusetts, The Electrical Bypass Company is dedicated to developing new technologies and tools to improve the speed and efficiency of the professional electrical and communications contractor. For more information, visit www.electricalbypass.com.

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