Platinum Tools Launches NetXpert XG2 10G Network Tester

Platinum Tools® is proud to announce the launch of its new NetXpert XG2, providing 10G speed certification over copper and fiber, and complete network testing over copper, fiber, and Wi-Fi systems.

“The NetXpert XG2 sets a new standard in versatility and value for cable and network testing,” said Sean Rothermel, Platinum Tools product manager. “With Cat6A rapidly gaining dominance, a tester capable of certifying networks to 10G speeds has become more of a necessity. With the NetXpert XG2, we have a single device that performs 10G speed certification, as well as all the network tests you need on copper, fiber, and Wi-Fi systems, even PoE testing up to the PoE type 4 standard. This eliminates the need to buy or carry multiple testers for various jobs.”

In addition, a highly desired and rare key feature is the XG2’s future upgradeability, with new firmware able to be loaded by the end-user via USB or Wi-Fi. “This capability makes the XG2 even more valuable as the investment in this product does not end when future technologies would render most other units obsolete,” Rothermel added. “Upgrading new firmware will allow the XG2 to be used for years while keeping up with current technological necessities.”

Features and specifications include: Speed certification to 10G over copper and fiber; Cable qualification to IEEE standards; Active network testing over copper, fiber and wi-fi; PoE testing up to 90W (PoE type 4); Complete reporting in multiple formats; Full color seven-inch touchscreen; Convenient form factor with comfortable hand straps and built-in kickstand; Rechargeable, upgradeable lithium battery pack; Field-replaceable RJ45 port, dual SFP+ ports, USB port; Easy software updates for future feature expansion; Dimensions: 9.75in. x 7in. x 3in.; Weight: 2.65 lbs.

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Platinum Tools Launches NetXpert XG2 10G Network Tester
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