Platinum Tools Launches New Keystone Couplers; Now Shipping

Platinum Tools® is proud to announce that its new Keystone Couplers are now shipping. The new couplers terminate in half the time of standard keystones.

“How often are loose connections in punchdown keystones the cause of install delays or service callbacks?” asked Sean Rothermel, Platinum Tools product manager. “You can eliminate this potential trouble spot with our new Keystone Couplers. Simply terminate the cable with the Platinum RJ45 connector of your choice, plug it into the back of the Keystone Coupler, then snap the Coupler into a wall plate or surface mount box. For even more customization, combine them with our unloaded patch panels for fast wiring and total flexibility in the rack.”

            Additional Keystone Coupler features and specifications include: No compromise in data throughput speeds; Fast, easy, F to F connection using RJ45 connectors; Standard keystone size works with most wall plates, surface-mount boxes, and unloaded patch panels; Available in Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A configurations; Available in black, white, and shielded versions.

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Platinum Tools Launches New Keystone Couplers; Now Shipping

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