RACO Introduces STAB-iT Assemblies for Pre-Fab

RACO Introduces STAB-iT Assemblies for Pre-Fab

RACO introduces a line of electrical product assemblies designed for Pre-Fab applications, helping electricians complete projects faster. These “ready to install” products feature RACO’s STAB-iT boxes. RACO, part of Hubbell’s Commercial Construction brands, provides innovative electrical products to commercial, institutional and residential markets.

Prefabricated, or “Pre-Fab,” assemblies are a popular way to save labor costs on jobsites. All the components-electrical boxes, mounting brackets, cable management and mud rings–are pre-assembled, so that they can be installed right out of the box, with no further preparation. They ensure quality while reducing material and labor costs. They also reduce jobsite packaging waste and cleanup.

Every new RACO Assembly includes a 252SCM model STAB-iT II electrical box. This 4-11/16″ square, 2-1/8″ deep box features a STAB-iT connector to hold up to 3 MC cables. The unique MC clamp design is contractor-proven 3x faster than traditional MC connectors. It quickly and securely terminates flex, MC, MCI, MCI-A, HCF and AC cables, up to 10/3 size. STAB-iT clamps can also be released and reused. The box also includes a built-in cable management clip for “first means of support” and 8″ solid #12 pigtail.

RACO’s Pre-Fab line offer 3/8″ offset mounting brackets (RACO’s M series brackets on both sides of the box) or 9020R Open Center Brackets set for either 16″ or 24″ stud spacing. The rigid design of these open center brackets eliminates the need for far side supports.

Mud ring options include 1 and 2 gang ¾” raised models or 1 and 2 gang adjustable mud rings. RACO’s adjustable mud rings provide ½” to 1-3/8″ adjustment range. They feature adjustment screws that remain accessible after the device is installed. Screws are inside the ring, preventing damage from routers during drywall installation.

Assemblies that include a second electrical box offer RACO’s standard 265 model 4-11/16″ box, with higher knockout count.

Twenty different RACO Pre-Fab assemblies are offered currently, the beginnings of a larger program. All products are UL Listed and constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel. They can be used on wood or metal studs. All these Assemblies are designed and assembled in USA.

RACO Pre-Fab Assemblies featuring STAB-iT boxes are available now. Find more information at: www.hubbell.com.

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