RACO Push-in MC Cable Connectors Speed Up Installation

RACO Push-in MC Cable Connectors Speed Up Installation

RACO 38RAC and 40RAC push-in cable connectors make it easy to secure metal-clad cable into boxes or enclosures. These tool-less connectors quickly snap into box knockouts. RACO, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, provides innovative electrical products to commercial and residential markets.

RACO’s connectors save time and effort, fitting all standard half inch knockouts in electrical boxes or enclosures. Installers simply insert a cable into the connector, then snap it into a box knockout, done! These connectors can also be removed and reused.

The rugged one-piece design is made of corrosion-resistant zinc plated steel. Pre-assembled nylon anti-short bushing will not fall out during installation. Designed for residential or commercial installation, these products are suitable for dry locations.

The 38RAC connector is designed to connect and terminate MCI, MCI-A, AC, HCF, and FMC. Use the 40RAC model with MC-PCS, MC-PCS HCF, MCI, MCI-A, AC, HCF, and FMC. The 40RAC is tinted blue inside to indicate suitability for MC-PCS cable types for smart building applications.

RACO’s 38RAC and 40RAC connectors are available now. Find more information at: www.hubbell.com.

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