Replace Putty Pads with New Firestop Inserts

Replace Putty Pads with New Firestop Inserts

Based on a new fire stopping principle, Orbits’ Universal FireBlok™ Suppression Gaskets (UFSI) save contractors up to 95% in labor costs versus traditional putty pads. Made entirely of intumescent plastic, UFSI also eliminates many issues associated with fire-stop putty pads. Contractors can save even more time when ordering junction boxes with the UFSI factory-installed – complete with pigtails, mud rings, mounting brackets and wiring devices!

Winner of the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) “Symposium Distinction Award for Most Innovative Product of the Year”, UFSI is the only UL Classified – and Intertek Listed – fire suppression gasket for 2 hour assemblies (as a “Membrane Penetration Protective Material”).

Electricians are often responsible for fire stopping wall penetrations when roughing-in junction boxes. The most common fire-stop method was to mold putty pads around boxes. Common issues reported with fire-stop putty included: difficulty attaching connectors; difficulty inspecting ground provisions; “drooping” during wintertime or when putty expires; difficulty shipping fire-stopped boxes to jobsites (without sticking together in transit); mold growth in damp environments; and an overall “messy” appearance. Some firms would even sub-contract the fire stopping work to avoid these hassles, which reduced profits but ensured projects were completed on time. 

Orbits’ Universal FireBlok™ Suppression Gaskets eliminate the aforementioned issues, and adapt to several common square box sizes. The UFSI gasket is scored on the back, so it easily breaks apart into as many as four sections. A full UFSI fits most 4” square boxes, with pre-molded openings that easily fit around ground embosses and pigtails. For 4-11/16” Sq. boxes, place one full UFSI and half of another UFSI anywhere inside the box. For 1-Gang handy boxes (or 3” x 2” switch boxes) insert half of one UFSI, and use the other half for the next box. UFSI features a peel-away adhesive backing that easily sticks to metal boxes. 

Orbit’s UFSI even works when conduit terminates at the bottom (back) of the box. Simply remove one quarter of the UFSI to accommodate the incoming raceway, and stick it anywhere inside the box. This is possible because UL classifies fire-stop gaskets based on a certain weight. So long as the weight of one UFSI is present inside the box, it will meet code. UFSI consumes only 2.09 Cu. In. of box fill volume, no matter where each gasket quarter is placed inside the box.

In the event of a fire, when temperatures exceed 300° F, UFSI will actually expand to 20 times its original size – effectively filling the box. This form of passive fire protection helps to hold back flames and smoke in adjoining rooms until firefighting crews can arrive.

Orbits Universal FireBlok™ Suppression Gaskets are an approved product of the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA). UFSI has a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 52, tested to ASTM 90 standards. This product has a near unlimited shelf life when stored below 130° F, and is warrantied for the life of the building.

With Orbit’s PROFAB Assembly Service, electrical firms no longer have to sub-contract their fire stopping. Simply order 1-Gang, 4”, or 4-11/16” square junction boxes, and request “Fire-Stop Service” be included. PROFAB Assembly Services can also include attachment of grounding pigtails, mud rings, wiring devices, protective covers, and even mounting brackets in a UL Listed workshop. Fire-stopped assemblies arrive to the jobsite when needed, packaged per-room to meet the contractor’s needs.

To request evaluation sample of Orbits Universal FireBlok™ Suppression Gasket installed in a 4” Sq. box, please call 844-909-0695, or log onto:

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