Satisfied Customer Writes Letter to Electrical Wholesale Company CEO

A City Electric Supply customer recently wrote a letter to CEO Thomas Hartland-Mackie to applaud the level of service she received

TUCKER, GA – We’ve all heard of online reviews. What we don’t hear much about are personal letters from customers to CEOs. That’s exactly what one satisfied City Electric Supply Tucker branch customer did when she received what she called excellent customer service. Angela Wade is a retired public school teacher who recently began a career in the electrical industry at Bray Electrical Services, organizing and stocking supplies.

“I began working with [CES Tucker] and noticed immediately that the guys that worked there were all really nice and engaging,” wrote Wade. “And I do not mean the standard greetings… people who work with the public recite without even thinking or looking at you. No… these guys were genuine.”

Wade has been in the industry for about two years now. And according to the letter, she’s still working on strengthening her knowledge of electrical supplies. And the branch has been there to assist her every step of the way. “The many times they could have been totally justified in being exasperated with me and my lack of electrical knowledge,” she wrote. “But no… instead I never felt that they were looking down on me for my lack of expertise.”

And CES Tucker couldn’t be happier with the letter that made it to the hands of City Electric Supply CEO Thomas Hartland-Mackie. “It’s the most heartwarming way of receiving recognition,” smiled CES District Manager Daniel Phillips. “I hear praise regularly about City Electric Supply Tucker, but I’ve never gotten a letter about it. I told the branch — these things don’t come often. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Keep up the hard work.”

After all, the branch has a reputation of putting customer service first. “Take care of your customers — doesn’t matter who they are. That’s how they do business,” said Phillips. “What sets us apart is that we can help anyone — experts in the industry as well as people who are new to it. The electrical market is evolving daily, so people need to rely on us to have the information that can make their lives easier. That’s what we provide, and that’s what sets our supply houses apart from other supply houses.”

And that’s exactly what Wade wanted to let Hartland-Mackie know — that the branch represents everything he’d want City Electric Supply to be, a family-owned company that delivers personalized, tailored services to its customers.  “I just want you to know Mr. Thomas Hartland-Mackie this store exemplifies the mission of City Electric Supply and that is a testament to the leadership at that store and your leadership,” wrote Wade. “I want to thank you for leading a company that values sincerity in relationships and quality service.”

CES employs more than 3,000 people in over 500 branches across the U.S.

Satisfied Customer Writes Letter to Electrical Wholesale Company CEO

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