Schneider Electric Adds Award-Winning PowerPact B Circuit Breaker to I-Line Series to Improve Efficiency and Flexibility 

Schneider Electric Adds Award-Winning PowerPact B Circuit Breaker to I-Line Series to Improve Efficiency and Flexibility 


Schneider Electric announced the addition of the PowerPact B-frame to its existing PowerPact family of I-Line molded case circuit breakers. PowerPact B replaces the legacy FA/FH series with upgraded features, including an expanded amperage range of 15-125A, and field installable accessories, while keeping the same mounting space dimensions to ease retrofit and expansion of existing I-Line Panelboard installations.

“Our customers have come to trust the reliability of our PowerPact circuit breakers and we are excited to add our newest member of PowerPact molded case circuit breakers to the I-Line family,” says Stewart Rapp, Power Breaker Marketing & Launch Leader for North America. “PowerPact B provides contractors with the ability to add the right equipment that suits the needs and financial objectives of each job. With multiple interrupting ratings and field replaceable accessories, the PowerPact B I-Line circuit breaker provides contractors the flexibility they need to do the job right and do it efficiently.”

PowerPact B circuit breakers replace FA/FH molded case circuit breakers used in Square D brand I-Line Panelboards for power distribution applications and FAL/FHL breakers used in control panels. The legacy F-Frame breakers have been a mainstay in the Construction and OEM markets for more than 50 years. Now these FA/FH circuit breakers are moving into the obsolescence period to make way for PowerPact B.

“It was time to give our customers more flexibility,” says Rapp about the obsolescence. “We increased the breaker’s performance ratings and added new time-saving features with the contractor in mind while maintaining the small form factor and Schneider Electric’s commitment to the highest quality products.”

One new feature option that speaks to efficiency and safety is the patented technology of EverLink wiring lugs, which maintain a constant contact with even fine stranded conductors, unlike standard lugs that have a tendency to lose tension over time in certain applications. For added convenience, every new breaker includes a QR code, which provides access to online product information and Customer Care Center contact information.

PowerPact B Circuit Breakers meet global electrical standards including UL, CSA, NOM, IEC and CCC for uses around the world. They contain fixed individual thermal (overload) and instantaneous (short circuit) sensing elements in each pole. Field-installable options empower customers to configure the product to their exact needs and adapt to last-minute field changes for power panel or control panel applications.

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