Schneider Electric Innovates at Every Level with Complete Line of Residential Surge Protective Devices

Schneider Electric Innovates at Every Level with Complete Line of Residential Surge Protective Devices


Schneider Electric announced the addition of three new products to its already robust line of Square D™ Whole Home Surge Protective Devices (SPDs). The HEPD50 SPD, the QO™ Plug-on Neutral SPD and the Homeline™ Plug-on Neutral SPD are all designed to provide residential whole home electrical system protection. With these additions, Schneider Electric extends its drive to innovate at every level, providing a complete line of surge protection devices for residential use.

HEPD50 helps homeowners protect their electronics. While 98 percent of homeowners have at least one surge strip, almost 83 percent of appliances are not protected[i]. Home Electronics Surge Protective Devices (HEPDs) reduce damaging surges that might otherwise overwhelm surge strips and provides surge protection for items that may not be compatible with surge strips such as refrigerators, washers, dryers and lighting fixtures.

Compact, affordable and easy to install, the HEPD50 is designed to work with any residential load center. Key features and benefits include: Maximum protection – HEPD50 offers long lasting protection against powerful surges, up to 50 kA; Warranty – HEPD50 offers a 3 year warranty with $50,000 downstream equipment protection; Application flexibility – Square D HEPDs are rated for indoor and outdoor use and built to withstand harsh conditions.

“Many people believe power surges only happen when lightning strikes, but the majority of surges occur from inside the home when a device draws too much power. Over time, these surges can degrade and damage electrical equipment,” said Ignacio Dapic, future offer manager, Square D by Schneider Electric. “The addition of the HEPD50 builds on our ability to ensure homeowners across the country can protect the investment they’ve made in their home electronics.”

Plug-on Neutral SPDs provide whole home surge protection with easy, wire-free installation:  It’s estimated that modern homes have more than $15,000 worth of electronics[ii] and may experience as many as 100 surges per month that can degrade or damage appliances and devices. The QO Plug-on Neutral SPD (QO250PSPD) and Homeline Plug-on Neutral SPD (HOM250PSPD) utilize high-energy circuitry that provides surge suppression from severe transient activity. Directly connected to the equipment bus, these devices deliver superior surge suppression performance by eliminating lead lengths. Additionally each metal oxide varistor (MOV) is individually fused, providing a superior level of protection.

Designed specifically for installation into compatible residential load centers and Combination Service Entrance Devices (CSEDs), Plug-on Neutral SPDs are easy to install requiring no additional wiring, which saves contractors and electrical workers time and money. Additional features and benefits include: Whole home surge protection – Provides surge suppression for up to 50kA surge current capacity from internal and external surges;  Easy-to-understand visual status – LED indicator lights indicate when the SPD is actively protecting the home; Peace of Mind – Includes a 5 year/$50,000 connected equipment limited liability warranty.

“Square D was first to market with Plug-on Neutral technology, offering quick and easy installation for electrical contractors,” said Dapic. “By applying Plug-On Neutral technology to traditional SPDs, we are expanding contractors’ ability to provide exponentially better and more reliable surge protection for their residential customers.”

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